UTEC students and alumni will participate on the first edition of the Tech Mission to Silicon Valley

June 2022


The Internationalization Office at Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC) has organised for the first time the “Tech Mission to Silicon Valley”. It will be held between the 18 and 23 of July 2022.


An UTEC delegation will embark on this STEM trip to the innovation and technology global hub, Silicon Valley, located in California. This delegation consists of current UTEC students and alumni, accompanied by faculty lead Oscar Ramos Ph.D., Professor of Mechatronics Engineering at UTEC.


Silicon Valley is home of the largest high-tech companies in the entire world such as Google, Apple, Tesla, Amazon Go, Plug & Play and many more, which makes it one of the most high-profile ecosystems for innovation and scientific development worldwide. Throughout this trip, they will visit NASA, Google Campus, Apple Park Visitor Center, Facebook, Paypal, NVIDIA, Stanford University, University of Berkeley, Incubator Plug & Play, among other places.


This Tech Mission aims to give UTEC students a different perspective and insights that will serve them throughout their professional careers. This is a unique opportunity to network and interact with industry leaders of some of the biggest and most influential tech companies in the world.