Green Hydrogen Production from Renewable Energy in Peru - 2022

Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC) had the pleasure of collaborating with Purdue University in the development of the Study Abroad program on “Green Hydrogen Production from Renewable Energy in Peru”.

The program began as a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), under the leadership of Dr. Jose Cesar Ramos Saravia, Professor of Energy Engineering at UTEC, and Dr. John Sheffield, Professor of Engineering Technology at Purdue. 

With the lectures and guidance from the professors, the UTEC ad Purdue students were able to successfully participated in a global Vertically Integrated Project, which consists of “develop a conceptual design for the conversion of diesel electric-drive mining haul trucks to hydrogen fuel cell electric-drive powertrain using local solar PV microgrid to power the hybrid electric-hydrogen trucks”.

On March the 14th, UTEC received Professor John Sheffield and his students to participate in a face-to-face workshop for a week. This program has allowed the participants to broaden and deepen their knowledge and gain intercultural awareness, Undoubtedly, an enriching experience!